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Miguel Tsuchiya

Miguel is an active, visionary entrepreneur in the application of mobile technologies in people’s daily lives. Previously he was CEO of flowlab, a telemedicine IT company.


Miguel was senior manager at a Venture Capital and Business Consulting company – Blueline Advanced Services / Najeti – leading the IT&C area. In addition, Miguel has helped several Spanish regional governments and local entities in the definition of innovation strategies and policies, developing ‘m-Government’ master plans.

He has also developed the App strategy of a leading mobile operator. Miguel graduated with distinction in a Master of Science in Operational Communications Cable & Wireless at the University of Coventry. He got an Electronic Engineering degree at the Ramon Llull University.

He lives in Barcelona with his wife and two sons, Hiroshi and Takeshi, and enjoys the sport of skiing, hobby he gained as a child when participating in the tough ski jumping competitions.